Set limits; budget time; Use in-between times

… I can offer some very general comments framed more as advice for new faculty. All of this advice could be filed under time management. I would advise the following: 1) Guard your time from students. [Our] students are wonderful, but they are also wonderfully efficient at consuming new faculty time. Set boundaries on your […]

Expect feedback; Set Limits

– I had 5 years’ teaching experience at […], so I wanted to highlight the huge differences in expectations between teaching at a large state school and teaching at a liberal arts college. This is important since the new incoming professors often did their PhD at large schools. So I wanted to remind them that […]

Engaged students

…a big thing that shocked me was how engaged the students are. Engaged in their learning. Eager to give feedback. Engaged in politics and activism. They also expect such a personal relationship with faculty, which I love, but didn’t expect…The biggest shock for me, overall, was their passion. It’s not always about what I am […]

Don’t Overthink

[Do]not take things that happened in the classroom too personally. I told an anecdote about how one of my students scribbled “tedious and repetitive” in the margins of a music theory homework assignment during my first semester, and that started me on a spiral of thinking “am I doing something wrong, why am I failing […]

Time Management

… time management. One thing that struck me about my first year of full-time teaching was that ostensibly simple tasks like preparing for classes, coming up with assignments and exams, grading, and responding to student questions and e-mails ended up taking more time than one might expect. I [would] advise incoming faculty members that they […]

Make use of resources

…that first year faculty should make extensive use of the resources around them, from departmental colleagues (however busy they may seem) to class deans to [the teaching and learning center] to the dean of studies’ office to health services (for student referrals); remember that the College wants you to succeed; and keep in mind that […]